TIPS & TRICKS on CopyText Inc.'s HIT

Welcome to CopyText Inc's complete HIT guide.

Thank you for reading these detailed instructions.

You have done some HITs with us. You have read the basic instructions displayed in the HIT.

However, there are many other things to know that can help having better results, so here is the complete explanation. If you are asking yourself a question and the answer is not here, please send us a mail and we'll improve this guide.

Worker Status

We have an internal rating system.

Each time you do a HIT with us, your score with us changes (we don't publish your score). Your score helps us decide who to work with. Your score translate into a rating that you can see.

You can have a Bronze, Silver or Gold rating.


You start as a Bronze worker. If your score becomes too low, you will lose your bronze rating and be banned from doing HITs with us.

If you do a LOT of HITs (several hundreds) with us AND you have a very good success rate, you will at some point become a Silver worker for us.

The same is true for Gold, except it requires even more HITs (several thousands) and only people who are in contact with us can become Gold workers (because we may need to ask specific things and we want to know that you are OK with a special treatment).

At any time, if your success rate becomes too low, you can have your status go down.


There are two advantages for our best workers.
A system of priority applies to give more chance for Silver and Gold workers to work on our HITs.

You may have already seen this message: "Because we have few HITs available right now, our HITs are currently reserved for Silver Workers. You are a Bronze Worker. Please check again later"

What we mean is that when we don't have many HITs, we will often reserve them for the best workers. If you reach silver status, it means you will have better access to HITs: if there are not many HITs available, Bronze workers will not be able to take them, and you will. Beware, the HITs will not stay reserved for Silver if they are not done. They will become open to Bronze again.
Always be approved
Gold workers are the very best of our workers. It may take a few months to reach Gold. But once you reach Gold, there is one big advantage: you will ALWAYS have your HITs approved.

We know some HITs may be difficult, and you can always make a small mistake sometimes. And your rating is precious for you, so those mistakes are a pain.

That's why as a Gold, you always get approved, so that your MTurk rating can only go up (well, except if you make mistakes that seem voluntary).

Now, do still pay attention: at any time, you can lose your Gold rating, if your CopyText acceptance rate (the one we keep internally) goes below the Gold level.

For instance, if Gold requires 2000 HITs with us and 95% success, when you do any HIT after, we decide if we should accept or reject. If we should accept, fine. If we should reject, we approve anyway. Your MTurk rating goes up, but your CopyText rating goes down. If you go below 95% CopyText success rate, you lose Gold.

How to do the HITs:

Never, NEVER do this

Here are a few things you should NEVER do in one of our HITs and that can result in a ban.


Blur and when to type or leave blank

If you cannot read a line, leave it blank.

If you can almost read a line but you are not sure about a few letters, please type what you believe is written, you will not get a rejection if you are wrong.

If you can read part of the line but one part cannot be read, then leave everything blank if the unreadable part is more than a few characters, but type what you can read if you can read most of the lie (for example just the price cannot be read, or one word out of 4 or 5).

Prices and Quantities

Simple rule: type what's written. Do type all the text that goes with the price. If "2,85€" is wirtten, type "2,85€". If "Eur5.83 A" is written, type it exactly as it is.

Pay attention to the spacing. Respect the spaces as per the important rule below.

Blanks and Spacing

There are two specific things to know about blanks and spacing.

First, always type one space when there is one or more spaces. If there are several spaces, you can type more than one if you want, but you do not need to.

Second thing is to understand if there is a space or not.

The receipts you are processing are printed as with an old typewriter.

This means that the text is writing in "boxes". There is exactly one character, or space, per box.

Sometimes it may look like there is a blank space because characters are less wide than usual.

Dots and Hyphens

The language is french.

This means that there are hyphenated characters like éèà…

Please do not type hyphens. If " à " is written, type " a "

Also, some receipts use commas and dots. When you are not sure if a character is "," or ".", type a dot. If you can see clearly that it is a comma, please do type it, but we won't reject your HIT if you make mistakes on this.

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